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Kennen Williams
President, Noll & Associates

Kennen Williams has been the President of Noll & Associates since 1992. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Kennen travels throughout the U.S. and Canada working with clients on organizational culture, hiring, onboarding, selling strategies and managing change.


Rita Gallaway Williams
President, RDC Solutions

As a Communication Coach, Rita is committed to enhancing her clients' messaging. She is a powerful speaker and uses a broad variety of tools to heighten awareness in others. She offers immediate feedback on strengths and opportunities for improvement with clear and specific exercises to strengthen your communication presence. Whether your audience is 3 or 300, Rita can help you develop the skills to communicate in a way that resonates with your audience. She also enjoys sharing her passions as a keynote speaker at conferences, schools and team building off-sites


Steve Bookbinder
CEO and Lead Trainer
Digital Media Training

Steve Bookbinder delivers sales training workshops, webinars and keynotes speeches for salespeople and sales managers in Advertising, Business Information (Marketing & Finance),Banking and Insurance. He published "How to be Your Own Coach" which extends the lessons learned from successfully swimming the English Channel to overcoming obstacles.

Steve’s clients range from Advertising, Business Information, Technology, Finance and Insurance but all share the same challenge: they have aggressive sales goals in the most rapidly changing businesses Steve helps sales teams and individual sales pros build a path to their goals and gain a competitive edge through training, coaching, consulting and motivational speaking as well as by creating training content which supports their in-house training department’s e-learning & m-learning(mobile learning) initiatives.