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Full-day | On-site Course:

Hiring Smart and On-boarding for Success: This session uses real life and case study examples to uncover the “must-have” traits for high performers on each team. We will examine the characteristics of current high performers, compare those to studies performed by Noll & Associates and combine the desired traits for new hires.

The second part of the session will be developing interview questions around critical traits and skill sets in order to streamline and focus the hiring process. We will discuss and recommend “hiring teams” to ensure that the process is manageable and produces the best candidates for consideration.

Finally, we will begin the process of a systemized onboarding protocol for each position. Participants will build out the first four weeks of an onboarding program. Following the session, managers will work with their team to finalize up to 13-weeks of onboarding activities for new hires.

Hiring Smart in the New Normal is essential for all Managers who are charged with recruiting, hiring and retaining high performing employees. Hiring the right person is one of the most important responsibilities a Manager undertakes, yet most Managers have little or no training in the hiring process. With the new media landscape, skill sets that guaranteed success in the past are now often obsolete.


  • 5 Techniques for recruiting that put winners in the interview pipeline

  • A process for predicting winners before you make the offer

  • The 3 key performance traits of successful hires

  • A strategic approach to conducting interviews

  • How Personal Work-Style affects job performance in a group environment

This highly interactive session will allow participants to grade themselves and their management team on hiring skills, create a “hiring-system” to ensure success and streamline the process form recruiting to making the final offer. All participants will leave with a “Hiring Primer” to refer for future hires.

The Facilitator:

Kennen Williams | President, Noll & Associates
Kennen Williams has been the President of Noll & Associates since 1992. Prior to forming the company, he worked in the broadcasting industry for more than 20 years. He has held positions with Group W Broadcasting, Turner Broadcasting and Park Broadcasting. Since forming Noll & Associates in 1992, Kennen has specialized in Partnership Marketing Consulting, Media Sales Training and Sales Management Consulting. He has worked with more than 50 broadcast, cable and internet companies and has more than 18 years experience in the consulting field.

For more information contact:
Sheri Belloni | Operations@nollmedia.com | 415.302.5481