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Full-day | On-site Course:

Creating an All-in Culture: The central characteristic of the most successful managers is that they provide their employees with frequent and effective recognition. With independent research from The Jackson Organization and analysis by bestselling leadership experts Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, Byron Elton will show you how constructive praise and meaningful rewards powerfully motivate employees to excel. This session will show how the relationship between recognition and improved business results is highly predictable -- it's proven to work. But it's not the employee recognition some of us have been using for years. It is recognition combined with four other core traits of effective leadership.

Topics include:

  • Why Aren’t Employees Buying in to Our Culture?

  • The Belief Factor – Cultural Secret Sauce

  • Engaged, Enabled, Energized – The Competitive Advantage in the New Economy

  • Your Burning Platform – Supply the Why

  • Employee/Customer Focus…Are You Listening?

  • Transparent Communication

  • Partner with Top Talent

  • Root for Each Other

  • Accountability Counts


  • You will learn why employees reject many cultural norms

  • You learn how to secure your employee’s buy-in

  • You will learn to empower your employees to take initiative and support your culture…or leave

  • You will learn how to create an environment where people want to thrive

The Facilitator:

Byron Elton | Title for Byron
Byron is a charismatic leader with deep roots in employee development, organizational culture and performance management.  He has held positions with Pardue Associates, Hendricks Resources, 451 Marketing, Univision Communications and KEYT television.  Byron travels throughout the U.S. and Canada consulting and coaching brand leaders in organizational and human development

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