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Full-day | On-site Course:

High Performance Leadership is a full day seminar covering how managers can predictably achieve great results - through others. Participants learn to lead in such a way as to produce the best result for the business while increasing their employee’s competence and self-confidence. In this fun, interactive workshop participants learn, then practice the skill sets used by the best performance coaches.

Topics include:

  • What phase is our business in? Different phases require different kinds of leadership

  • Transitioning from “doer” (who gets things done him/herself ) to “manager” who gets things done through others

  • Heroic Managers: Manager as Technical Whiz, Manager as Orchestrator

  • Post-Heroic Managers: Manager as Developer/Coach

  • Setting Clear Expectations – standards, goals, measurable criteria

  • Monitoring Performance – informal and formal systems

  • Providing Performance Feedback

  • Delegating Skills – using the work do develop winning skills, attitudes and confidenc

  • The Situational Leader: Selecting the approach that will predictably influence the follower’s behavior


  • You will learn how to take charge

  • You learn how to secure your employee’s buy-in

  • You will learn to empower your employees to take imitative

  • You will learn to coach your employees to their full potential

High Performance Leadership is designed specifically for general and sales managers who are held accountable for the results.

The Facilitator:

Kennen Williams | President, Noll & Associates
Kennen Williams has been the President of Noll & Associates since 1992. Prior to forming the company, he worked in the broadcasting industry for more than 20 years. He has held positions with Group W Broadcasting, Turner Broadcasting and Park Broadcasting. Since forming Noll & Associates in 1992, Kennen has specialized in Partnership Marketing Consulting, Media Sales Training and Sales Management Consulting. He has worked with more than 50 broadcast, cable and internet companies and has more than 18 years experience in the consulting field.

For more information contact:
Sheri Belloni | Operations@nollmedia.com | 415.302.5481