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Two Half-Days, Approximately 2-3 Weeks Apart | On-site Course:

Powerful Presentations - Building Skilled Presenters is comprised of two immersive sessions combining individual presentation, group role play and peer to peer coaching.

Each participant makes a series of brief (3-5minute), sales presentations utilizing PowerPoint, which is critiqued during interactive discussion. Integrated between individual presentations is ongoing learning using video, group and individual exercises and facilitator instruction. Each presenter receives group and facilitator feedback on their presentation in order to revise, practice and improve.

Approximately three-weeks later, after incorporating the feedback and making the agreed-upon upgrades, participants give their “new and improved” sales presentations to the group, are critiqued and receive additional instructor suggestions for improvement.

Both days consist of back-to-back half day workshops with a maximum of 8-12 sales professionals in each half-day session. (24 participants are trained by doing back to back days) Videotaping the role plays is an attractive option providing your sales organization supplies the recording and playback equipment and a camera operator.


Participants Will Learn:

  • How to Deliver “Client Focused” Presentations
  • How to Channel Nervousness into Passion for Your Advertising Opportunities
  • How to Maximize the Power of Graphics in PowerPoint and Decks
  • How to Prepare for One-to-One, Small and Large Group Presentations

Winning Sales Presentations gives your sales force a competitive edge while providing a unique forum for team building and professional development.



Rita Gallaway Williams (www.rdcsolutions.us)

Rita is currently a Facilitator, Consultant and Instructional Designer for Power Speaking Inc., leading 1 and 2-day intensive presentation skills training courses. As a Senior Consultant she has led presentation training for DeFinis Communications since 2007 and media sales training for Noll & Associates since 2005. Those topics include Negotiation, Business Development, Presentation Skills, Conflict Management, Key Account Management and Time Management.

Prior to facilitating training and immersing herself in the communication arena, Rita spent 15 years selling in the broadcast industry. This includes 7 years as VP National Sales at Univision Television Group, and 7 years for Cox Communications TV Stations and Rep firms. She was focused on new business development and tapped her resourcefulness crafting creative marketing solutions. Her background in media and sales allowed her to learn about many other industries, and she now facilitates programs among many of them, including real estate, law, finance, engineering, hi-tech, medicine, art, travel and the public sector.