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Full-Day | On-site Course:

Building Killer Decks – is an intense day of examining current work, editing, rewriting, sharing with the team and receiving facilitator and peer feedback. At the end of the day every participant will have largely rewritten an entire presentation.


Participants Will Learn:

Their customers and prospects receive literally hundreds of media presentations every year and THEY ALL LOOK AND FEEL ALIKE. This is a huge issue for clients and prospects, but it presents you with a great opportunity to stand out. In this session we will cover the key information YOU need from a client or prospect to build a compelling presentation. Once you have the key information you need, you must put it into a logical and persuasive format for delivery. We will cover the building blocks of compelling presentations and participants will rewrite one presentation throughout the day.

Topics covered during this WORKING Lab:

  • The Psychology of Persuasion
  • What is Missing in Our Presentations
  • Why It Is Possible to Write Faster and More Effectively
  • How to Open with Impact and Why This Matters
  • The Customer/Prospect’s TRUE Objectives
  • The Power of Three Main Points
  • How to Write from the Customer’s Point of View
  • Simple Tips to Advance the Sale

Every participant will bring an existing document/presentation to the session to re-work throughout the day. Documents may include presentations, one-sheets, marketing materials and selling emails. Documents will be submitted in advance to use as examples of best-practices during the session.



Kennen Williams, Rita Gallaway Williams

Kennen Williams has been the President of Noll & Associates since 1992. Prior to forming the company, he worked in the broadcasting industry for more than 20 years. He has held positions with Group W Broadcasting, Turner Broadcasting and Park Broadcasting. Since forming Noll & Associates in 1992, Kennen has specialized in Partnership Marketing Consulting, Media Sales Training and Sales Management Consulting. He has worked with more than 50 broadcast, cable and internet companies and has more than 18 years experience in the consulting field.

Rita Gallaway Williams is currently a Facilitator, Consultant and Instructional Designer for Power Speaking Inc., leading 1 and 2-day intensive presentation skills training courses. As a Senior Consultant she has led presentation training for DeFinis Communications since 2007 and media sales training for Noll & Associates since 2005. Those topics include Negotiation, Business Development, Presentation Skills, Conflict Management, Key Account Management and Time Management.