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Full-Day | On-site Course:

Personal Work Styles: During this seminar participants will learn to quickly build lasting rapport with prospects, clients and co-workers, prevent costly misunderstandings, create trust, and get difficult relationships “unstuck” and productive again.


Participants Will Learn:

  • The Four Primary styles and how they differ
  • Why Interpersonal Conflict kills deals and relationships
  • Why 75% of the World prefers to do business differently than you
  • Your own style – and how it comes across to others
  • How to recognize and interact with the 4 basic work styles
  • How to adapt your own style to prevent unproductive tension
  • Why different styles:
    • Use Time Differently
    • Decide Differently
    • Handle Emotions Differently
    • Manage Stress Differently
    • Communicate Differently
    • Deal with Conflict Differently

Participants will identify the style of someone they have conflict with and learn how to make small changes in behavior to work more effectively with this person! During the session participants will form groups of like-styles to discuss what is good about the style and what actions create interpersonal tension for their style. And for fun, groups will do “party-planning’ for a style which is diagonally opposite their style to better understand the needs of that style when interacting.



Kennen Williams | President, Noll & Associates has been the President of Noll & Associates since 1992. Prior to forming the company, he worked in the broadcasting industry for more than 14 years. Kennen has facilitated the Personal Work Style session for the past 25 years to more than 1,000 participants.