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Full-Day | On-Site

Understanding the Retail Market/The Role of Branding: Is it possible for US to teach our PROSPECTS and CUSTOMERS something about their business? IT IS NOW! The media sales process is more complex today than ever in the history of our business. This session takes sellers through the process of understanding how their clients make money and the role of branding. Retailers and Service companies speak a special language that is not consistent with the media language we speak. Learn how to converse in their style and how retailers can increase share of voice, share of mind and share of market.


Session Elements:

  • Understanding How Your Clients’ Make Money
  • The Retail Marketing Test – How Much Do You Know?
  • Why Branding is Essential for Businesses and People
  • The Psychology of Buying
  • Consumer Purchase Journey
  • Factors Affecting Retail Purchase Behavior
  • Push vs. Pull Marketing
  • Questions to Ask that Get Your Prospects and Customers Asking YOUR Opinion
  • Gaining Credibility by Speaking Your Customer’s Language


  • You will learn where you stand when it comes to speaking a retailer’s language
  • You will develop a strategic approach with clients/prospects to increase business
  • You will improve your value to your client and your company
  • You will add professionalism to the way you sell
  • You will be differentiated from all your competitors!


Kennen Williams | President, Noll & Associates

Kennen has been the President of Noll & Associates since 1992. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Kennen travels throughout the U.S. and Canada working with retail clients on their marketing and go-to-consumer strategies and tactics. Noll & Associates has developed millions of dollars in marketing funds for over 100 brands including: 7-Eleven, Ryan Homes, Hawaii Public Schools, Daiea (Japanese) and Publix Stores. Kennen has personally written more than 150 retail marketing plans for clients throughout North America