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Full-Day | On-Site

Pre-Workshop Assignment:

Closing High-Gain Digital Accounts: Every seller should come prepared to discuss at least one key account they are targeting; they will leave the workshop with a strategic and tactical plan to close their targeted account.


Discussion about objections blocking path toward closure

Collaborative Exercise:

Working in small groups, participants will analyze each account, following this process:

  • Biggest Possible Deal: Analysis of potential revenue for current campaign and future revenue
  • The Positioning Statement: What is the right recommendation? What campaign would produce the right results for this client?
  • Research: What can we learn about the advertiser and their industry to help us position our offer more persuasively?
  • Case Study: What existing case studies and success stories will support your positioning?
  • Starting Point: How should we open the meeting?
  • Questions: What do we need to ask and learn in order to advance the sale?
  • Next Step Strategy: If the meeting goes well, what would be the recommended next step (plan A and plan B)?
  • Anticipated Objections: What are the anticipated objections and recommended turnarounds?

Role Play—Rehearsal:

Participants will take turns demonstrating

  • The Position / Meeting Open
  • 1st and 2nd level questions
  • Anticipated ROI “argument”
  • Anticipated Objections
  • Next Step Strategy


Steve Bookbinder, President – Digital Media Training

Steve Bookbinder has delivered more than 5,000 workshops and speeches to clients all over the world. He has trained, coached, and managed more than 50,000 salespeople and managers, and adds to those numbers every week. Steve continuously refreshes his training content to reflect the latest first-hand observations. Through Steve, participants learn the best practices of today’s most successful sellers and managers across industries. Steve is an entrepreneur and an active salesperson. His clients appreciate his real-world understanding of the sales challenges they face. His background in advertising and consulting give him a broad understanding of business across many industries. And, his stories about starting a successful business in the middle of a recession by using the processes he teaches inspires experienced pros and new-hires alike.